Thank you #netgally for letting me read this sweet book. 

It follows Olivia Lamberts journey, she is a fabulous cake maker and aspiring actress. Desperate for her big break, but she is even more desperate to be a mum, with her biological clock ticking and her desire to have a baby being the reason why she split with her long term partner and fiance Tom. Tom is a well off salesman, who after over 10 years together decided he no longer wanted kids.
Shortly after the split she meets fellow actor and Maitre D' their casual fling grows stronger by the day, but does he want to be a father?

We also meet Ruby, Olivias' sister and Aunt Dawn who is very much Livs' confidante.

The story takes us on highs and lows, regrets, some sea diving and love in all shapes, sizes and ages.
Sunrise Over Pebble Bay