Thank you #netgally
I read this in 2 days. I truly enjoyed it. An even paced, easy to understand book of love, hate, anger, loss, pride and misunderstandings
The book takes us on Clovers journey,  she is a talented documentary maker, who made an award winning documentary about Corey Albright, a pro surfer. Due to a competitive accident his life is in tatters and Kit is to blame.
We meet Johnny the camera man, Matty the researcher who are both part of Clo’s team.
In order to expose Kit the trio head off to the slopes to film a documentary. This is where the battle to get Kit to reveal himself begins, with the help of his brother, best friend and assistant Ari. Many highs and lows follow.  Some steamy moments. We briefly meet Olympic snowboarder Mikey Schultz.

It was my kind of story.
Quote of the book: You wanted to beat me, more than you wanted to win

Midnight in the Snow