Today marks the German Publication date of this touching book. So far it has been released in an impressive 6 Languages ( English, French, German, Slovakian, Czech and Estonian.

I caught up with Catherine Miller and asked her what her inspiration behind the book is?!

This is what she had to say:

This is making me think back as it’s over 5 years since I started writing this book.
The moment Nathan and Emma meet was something I experienced when I was with a male having a breast screening and all the magazines were for women. It made me realise that (at the time) there wasn’t much focus on male breast cancer and perhaps it could be part of a story. 
The story ended up being one of the most epic stories I’ve ever written and with it I wanted to offer a tale of hope beyond what we’re going through today. I think I struck the right balance. It’s dedicated to a dear friend, Tim Galea, who I used to work with, who battled sarcoma 5 times before passing away at 27. His life was short, but it was lived brightly and with kindness. I’m delighted to see his name in a sixth language with this latest publication in Germany

Available on Amazon 99 Days With You: A gripping and heartbreaking page turner