Wow, since the last blog post *glad, Sad and a little bit mad* things have turned a positive corner. Thankfully.

The key to my happiness lies within my personal growth and my ability to remain as mindful and present as I can, even more so and so much harder when things are rough.

My boys mentor has since come back to me and things have worked out much better. I am hopeful and positive, things will be much better. When you don’t give venomous responses when things are low, it gives both sides an opportunity to reflect and either start again or release completely. I decided to go with what is best for my Boy. Continuity.

We have had another book party. Sue and I are so blessed to be able to do this. Sue plans games that are themed around the book that the author is releasing and the prize draws. I focus on Q and A sessions and #factfile with the Author.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever believe this would be part of how I spend my days. It certainly gives me a focus beyond caring for a Boy with Autism, beyond my IBS and PMDD.

The Soul loves the truth. Such a profound lesson to learn. If you go against what is good and right for you too much, you become off balance.

The more you honour who you are and your path, the more relaxed and at home you become in your own skin.

Sharing Corinas story with those close to me has also been a blessing.

My friendships with Snoopy B., Champus Fran, Dorothy and G.s mom are good for my happiness. Genuine and real. What more can you ask for.

Online so many wonderful people. Friends, farm gamers, Parlotones fans, ex Army buddies, school friends and family. Love, love, love.

My champus Fran makes sure that I am always pampered with creams and lotions.