1. What motivates you? 

My passion for telling stories. I absolutely LOVE to write. It’s become a part of who I am. I love inventing new places and people. Giving life to characters is such fun!

2. Writer aside, what is your dream job, if you could do anything?

I would love to own a bookshop. I would adore being able to recommend books to people and to talk about books all day. I would say librarian but that involves being quiet and I’m not too good at that!

3. Who is your favourite A list Actor and Actress?

It would have to be Tom Hanks. He is so incredibly talented and versatile. An actor who can bring a character to life and evoke emotions in doing so is an amazing thing to behold. I have seen almost all of his movies and he is completely different in each one unlike some actors who get type-cast after a while. As for actresses it would be Kate Winslet. Another versatile actor who isn’t afraid of changing her appearance and demeanour for a part, so you really do believe her performances.

4. Which is your favourite seaside/ beach? 

My favourite beach in the whole world is one close to where I live. It’s a little seaside place called Coldingham and it appears in one of my books (What Becomes of the Broken Hearted) I will attach a photo!

5. Name 3 things you want to do but haven’t done yet?

1 – Own a bookshop, 2 – Visit my penpal in Canada who I have been writing to since I was 9. We met once in 1997 in Disney World Florida’s Epcot Centre on the border between ‘England’ and ‘Canada’ and it was very special. 3 – See my books on shelves in Waterstones and other chain bookstores. This is a HUGE dream of mine and I am still clinging to it!

6. How amazing are Sue and Fiona?

Haha just kidding. X

Honestly, you guys are the absolute BEST!