Loved It.
Review – Karen Swan – The Secret Path
Absolutely loved this book. Tara is 20 year old girl a reserved young woman at university. She falls head over heals and from there her journey takes many twists and turns, We zap forward 10 years and pick up where Tara and her best friend Holly are now 30. Their childhoods couldn’t have been more different, One girl being super rich and the other was raised on a single parents salary. Yet their personalities match. We shift from London to Porto Rico. At times it feels like a Jumanji adventure. Its an intricate story with many strands weaving into each other to tell an exciting and intriguing story. Tara ends up on a trek through the jungle and the description and detail are beautiful, I really felt Tara and felt her love, excitement, fear, anxiety and warmth. We even meet Shaman and tribes, science vs tried and tested earthly methods. I have left a lot out of the description as I think that the element of surprise is greater when you hit the twists and turns if you don’t know too much. Thank you #Netgally