1. What is the inspiration behind Fiona?
Originally I wrote up the concept as six yards from home wondering what it would be like if a character never left home. Little did I know we’d all be living pretty much six yards from home. In the acknowledgements I’ve referenced a poem my mum wrote that wasn’t finished. I think this book is the end of that poem.

2. Do you have best female friends? How do you compliment each other?

I’m very blessed to have various lifelong female friendships. In my writing life I have The Romaniacs. We met through the New Writers Scheme (which is also how I know Heidi) and I think we’re always able to pick each other up when we stumble, whether that’s in our professional or personal life.

3. When choosing Fionas pet, how did you come up with the budgie?

When we were younger my mum had pet budgies and the budgie also featured in the poem I mentioned. That instantly put Wesley into the story as Fiona’s companion that she gets comfort from.

4. Tell us more about the delicious cakes? Are you a keen Baker?

The idea of the giant cakes came from my local (a branch of Farmhouse Inns) who do produce large desserts. As for my own efforts, I do a mean banana cake. It’s something I enjoy and would do more if I had the time.

5. What does Friendship mean to you?

I think it’s partly someone being there to pick you up when you fall and vice versa, but also being there for the good times and cheering each other on. I think what I mean is a friendship only lasts if it’s there for all seasons. If you complete the full set then you know you have a friend for life!

6. How do you express love to your friends and family?

With my terrible sense of humour and amazing cheerleading skills. It has to be those things because I’m terrible at remembering dates and never get round to sending Christmas cards because I’m totally disorganised in that sense. But friends are good enough to see past those things.

7. Have you started outlining your next book? Any hints?

It’s been given the green light by my editor, but thus far I’ve written very little as planning and researching this one is taking a bit longer so I’ll give you the tagine as a hint of what it might be:

When the heart stops, but the love doesn’t!

I hope that’s enough of a teaser!

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