@Fiona Thank you for such fab questions!

What is it about trees and nature that has you captivated?
I’ve always loved trees, right from when I was little. The Magic Faraway Tree was my favourite childhood book, and I grew up in the countryside, going on dog walks, picking wildflowers, and climbing trees! I look forward to the autumn every year because there’s nothing I love more than watching the leaves change colour and the sycamore seeds fall. I’m so lucky to still live in the countryside, surrounded by nature and birdsong and gorgeous trees in blossom at this time of year. Is there anything better than the smell of Hawthorn blossom or lilacs?

What inspires you to make wishes?
I think we never really lose our childlike sense of wonder – back in the days when we believed the world was magical and wishes would come true, and I love feeling like that again even for a fleeting moment!

Have you had a wish come true?
Being a writer! For years, I’ve wished to be able to write and share my stories and for people to enjoy them. and I feel so ridiculously lucky that I get to do that for a living now, it’s like all my wishes have come true!

What makes you happy?
Chocolate, the feeling when you’re flying through the first draft of a new book and the characters are taking over and going in their own directions, and stopping to breathe for a moment in my garden, listening to the birds singing and the bees buzzing around the flowers!

How do you keep inspired?
I don’t know, really! I love writing, particularly about fairytale-esque possibly-magical things and quirky scenarios, and I’m always always always thinking about the next idea, the next set of characters, the next story I can tell or place I can virtually travel to through my books! It’s an absolute privilege to do this job, I love everything about it, so far staying inspired hasn’t been an issue!