This is the nest they are building!

I am super excited about them having babies in my shed. I love Robins and I feel super blessed to have another year of Robin babies.

Its been a busy day. The drama from the support group has calmed down, which is brilliant. The flow has remained the same. This mean more people will know and share the info.

Still declutter time in my house. I swear I have about 2 zillion plastic bags in the cupboard under the stairs.

Its good to know you have done something. I met the boy for lunch and we went for a walk. I took 13.000 steps today.

I will be doing an 875.000 step count / walk from Friday for the Alzheimer Society. My dad, has dementia. Covering two good things with one stone.

My new trainers are great, they are definitely making a difference. It will take time to see if they improve the plantar fasciitis or feed into it. Fingers crossed ūü§ě it’s the former.

Its almost June, yeah, and yet it’s been rain, sun, rain all day. Its meant to rain all week. Only good thing is it will be easier for me to pull out the dandelions at the weekend.

Absolutely love this song by Kahn Morwenstow, who is the Lead Singer of The Parlotones, one of my favourite bands.

Right, that’s me for today. Love you. F X