Gosh, I have been running my pmdd group for over 3 yrs. Its grown to nearly 16.000 people from all back grounds and genders. Today, I took the step to officially change the group from people with PMDD only to husbands, boyfriends, fathers etc.

The majority took it very well, but those who didn’t, wow. Thanks for the abuse and unkind words. It’s not like I am human or anything.

Really it’s so heartwarming and beautiful to see these people really wanting to understand and support their loved ones. How can I allow female and non binary loved ones in and not everyone else. At some point inclusive must mean all.

I mean really. I have been single for so many years of my life, mainly from my own doing or choice and wow to know that there are non sufferers out there who want to love and support you, regardless of gender identification, that should blow your mind in a good way and melt your heart. Embrace that someone else wants to KNOW you. There is nothing wrong with that.

I will see how it goes and progresses but I cannot go back on my own progress and development. I have pmdd too. Like I really bloomin do.

Sadly, I had to remove and block some people, I do hope that they have regrouped and joined other groups and maybe opened their own groups with their own ethos.

It wasn’t easy for me either. So glad I have a friend in Sue who helps me add new members and steps in if needed if i am not around.

Right, that’s my moan over with.

I have been busy and quiet for a few days.

Champus Fran and I went out today, we had a lovely time window shopping.


I got some new trainers ( sneakers) to help with my plantar fasciitis.

Lockdown eases again on Monday. Feeling a little scared, I just wanna know when I can fly to Germany and what the conditions of entry and departure are. Oma I miss you!!

Whats new in your world?

Love this song by Ryan Star ūüĆü

Good night my lovers,

Love, F x