Well, I think it was another cold night, too cold for spring. It feels like the seasons are shifting slightly and spring has yet to arrive.

The boy had a mock maths exam today. I met him for lunch to keep him company and his anxiety levels down. He didn’t do to bad, remained calm, but when he came home, he said it was a lot harder and he used all of his allocated and Extra time.

My day was still quite unpleasant, dizziness, headaches, hunger for anything other than toast, broccoli, pasta. Food, real food. Still waiting to hear back from the allergenist and for my appointment with the dietician.

I got an amazing present from someone in my book club. Well it is Heidi Swains’ but I admin it with Sue. I was so moved, I had tears in my eyes. What a blessing. X

The queen didn’t deliver anything to write home about today.

The boy is singing and creating, I am keen to get back into my book. On that note I am gonna love and leave you. Hugs xx

Love, F x

Sometimes it’s good to have a sing song