Ah what a day. My friend became a grandma for the 3rd time. A cute little girl.

I was out of the door by 8am. I got pleasantly rained on… super spring is here I see. Collected some gorgeous rose 🌹 bath 🛁 bombs from the post office that a lovely lady gave me. I can’t wait to chill in the bath with them and my kindle.

1050am met Champus Fran for a girlie trip into town. We opted for a place that had greater opportunity to be indoors and that was cool. The girl even bagged herself £72 worth of facial creams for £12. Who doesn’t love the last chance to buy section at the House of Fra…..☆

I have a fair amount of energy back but still quite tired and that goodness for ibuprofen!!! I finished watching the Zac Efron documentary. Blimey, I hadn’t noticed before but yeah he is one yummy specimen. 😋 note to self, find movies with him in to watch, but not his early work.

Now I have moved on to Planet Earth with David Attenborough. Can you believe he is 95? What a blessing his interest in all creatures has been and will continue to be. It must be so enriching and soul destroying at the same time. Seeing how we hunt and slaughter all things precious. Totally unnecessarily. From mindless hunting/ fishing and pollution. So many parts of the world need attention, where do you start? There are so many little things that can be done that turn into big things. How and what is for each and every one of us to decide.

We could do with some spring weather, I wonder if its global warming and the fact that since March 2020 the planets humans slowed down significantly, less boats, cars 🚗, planes and so on causing pollution and giving the wild life on land and in water 💧 some freedom to simply be themselves?

Right, babies, shops and nature. That’s me for today.

See you tomorrow

Love, F x