What to do when you are wide awake. That relief you have been waiting for has arrived. Its not relief though, the first day pretty much delivers exhaustion, pains that feels like someone is thieving your spine and ovaries. No fun here.

Achiements: took the boy for a hair cut and went to the supermarket.

I picked up my iron prescription 2 every two days with OJ. Fun. See if I notice a tise in iron levels. ūüôā

I watched About a Boy. Now let me say that the movie wouldn’t have worked without Hugh Grant and the boy. Perfect match.

I watched my Octopus teacher today. It was really good. Amazing how you can become one with nature in the way the man did.

Now I am watching a documentary with Zac Effron. He travels around the world ūüĆé discovering natural phenomenon.

Until tomorrow, Love, F x