Ah what a day. My emotions have been all over the place, i got some blood results back. Low d vitamin and low iron. Recommendation? Buy some over the counter supplements and eat iron containing food. Oh really? I already take both supplements and am still low. If you listened to me in the first place and red your notes you would know that, and you would also know that I cannot have food with iron in them as they are either high histamine or high fodmap.

The reply? I will prescribe you some iron, take it every 2 days with…..? Orange juice. 🍊 Ah, the same OJ that triggers my IBS and is high histamine?  Hmm, thanks.  🙄🤫🤔 I figure that not responding is my safest bet. Or I might lose my sh!t.

Son is off to college, I remind him to text me before 11 if he wants me to meet him for lunch. I then try and work out where this football club place is so I can vote. Snoopy B and Mommy Titch try and explain it.. I could get lost in a paper bag, really. So I head out, I find it, super easy find, all that anxiety of not finding it was for nothing. I head up to get my eyebrows done, I am still too early. I walk 🐌 slowly 🐌, still arrive early. Oh my goodness. The sign says ring the bell. I ring the bell nothing happens. I could swear she hasn’t got anyone with her … I wait… then after almost 10 mins I read the sign again…knock first….then ring the bell 🔔

Oh my brain fog. How did that happen. Knock knock, ‘come in’ 😴😌boy do I feel stupid. Anyway. My brows are all nicely shaped and diva like. 😍

1200hrs a Text from the boy, meeting me for lunch? What? Geez. Since I am bored and need to do something, I hop on the bus and meet him and his pal for lunch, the boys talk a load of nonsense and the hour passes by.

At home, we have Lizzie Chantrees launch party going on. I also make some posts,  Sue is amazing, she has all kinds of things pre planned and ready to go. It seems like it’s been a success. We do love a good Facebook launch 🥳🎉🎊🍺🍻🥂🥳 party.

Aha, the cone, I moved it, within an hour it was moved back. I mean really. I worked out that I was causing my annoyance myself, I will leave the cone alone for a few days. Maybe 😆

Since I don’t watch soaps other than Hollyoaks, I hear all the birds singing outside and it’s very relaxing.

I finished the book The Ash Museum and am now onto: The Summer we were Friends. Set in Ireland. The spacing is to weird, not sure I will last long with this book. We shall see.

The PMDD numbness is still there and the other odd symptoms, it would be good for it to be over now. Keeping your temper in check is a hard slog.

On that note. The boy has a 9am hair cut in the morning and I wanna party a bit more with the book club.

Have a good evening, love, F x