Goodness, giant hailstones, thunder 🌩⚡⛈lightning, winds that scared people so loud and creepy. Like the world was about to end. So say my friends. I heard the wind, it was so loud it knocked me out of my sleep. I didn’t know what was happening. I really think one say I will awaken and find munchkins singing to me in the merry old land of Oz.

PMDD is taking hold, that indescribable exhaustion which is completely debilitating. Glad that I managed to make some muffins, cranberry ones,  for my friend and venture to the store before giving into this inability to function.

I did cook dinner for my son and have watched more hail come down.

Now the sun is shining. It almost feels like April weather. I woke up at 3am freezin. I felt like I was in the depths of winter.

Its Lizzie’s launch party tomorrow. 🥳

Oh, did you know that its national hedgehog week? Lots of info out there on how to protect them and nurture them.

The cone saga continues, its been placed back in front of the car. Its too bad that wind didn’t blow it into SPACE.

My son has been practising his guitar today. He is getting so good at it. Now that he is taking it really seriously.

This is day 6 of posting and my blog has had 100+ views. Thats amazing.

Its good that I started this blog, it gives me one more thing on my daily to do list that my PMDD can handle.

My friend care bear was bitten by a cat today. 🐈 I hope she is OK. Brave lady takes care of sick animals.

Right, time for the most recent episode of The Resident and maybe some reading if possible.

Until tomorrow

F x