My goodness the wind nearly took me all the way to Oz last night. I kept waking up. Eventually,  at 5am I quit trying to sleep and watched Bridget Jones Diary. I had forgotten how hilarious it was. Remember when she made the soup with blue string and it all turned blue? Hugh Grant cracked me up with his: ‘ christ, is that blue soup’? 💙

My next must see is About a Boy. I have watched that movie so many times over the years. *SINGLE PARENTS ALONE TOGETHER*

It was actually on my top 3 movies list before I became a mum and subsequently a single one at that. I must read the book. The movie had the perfect cast. Amazing how one thing can lead to another.

My cat Cupid is sitting next to me purring away to himself. He is a cutie. Gentle and awesome. He does miaow a lot, which is like the sound of a whiney toddler after 5 minutes of it.

I am surprised I did anything today. Lack of sleep, feeling out of sorts, I actually did quite a lot. I met my son for lunch with his friend, I went to Debenhams beforehand, so so sad. Its like a ghost town in there. I really feel for the staff. It almost feels wrong to go there but, the stock has to go.

Champus Fran ran dangerously low on Iced Latte, I got an SOS text asking if I could get some on my next trip to Sainsbury’s. Well, as it happens I was heading to town, and I am an awesome friend. When I dropped it off, her husband was on his exercise bike in the cabin cycling to orbit. I wonder if he got there?

My PMDD has been a sideline irritant that I managed to override for the most past. I am almost out of the woods, so extreme fatigue is close.

Jeremy Hunt has been out litter picking and getting his photo taken all weekend. Hmm, election weekend!!! If you are in England, don’t forget to rock the vote on Thursday!

I got my step mum a book called The Frequency of us. My dad who has Dementia, thought it was for him and took it. We didn’t tell him that it wasn’t his. Well, I heard yesterday that he can’t put it down and it’s apparently the best book he has ever read. I have a million questions I would love to ask him, but I won’t. It’s good to know that someone who drifts in and out or lucidity can still lose himself in a book. In a way this blog is something I would love to tell him about, from when I was a teen he would say: ‘write everything down or you will forget, you will need the notes for writing a book.’ Now I don’t know if he said that to everyone, clearly, I didn’t listen and it’s taken 30 years to put thumbs to keypad… my friend mommy titch, also tells me to write. Meh, writing and reading are my least favourite pass times. Well, not anymore. Reading became delightful once I got my varifocals.

I am currently reading a book called The Ash Museum via Netgally. I am half way through and really enjoying it. Its flits between 1900 and 1980s crossing over 4 generations. Set in England, India and Canada.

Speaking of India, so devastated about what Covid is doing to them. I hope every one pulls together to support them, it would be too cruel and wrong to idly stand by when fellow humans need us.

There is no them and us, there is only us and if there is, there shouldn’t be. I might break into song, Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race…

Let’s close on a funny note. My neighbour has put a cone out to stop a car parking on the never used pavement, in case an ambulance 🚑 needs to park there, but we live in a cul de sac and there is plenty of space for this imaginary ambulance. Anyway, I keep moving the cone and it keeps moving back. I actually asked the driver of the car if he knew why the cone was there. He didn’t. I explained it and he will not park in that insignificant 1m area. This could have been sorted quite cone less. If only she had spoken to him about her fears. Ok that wasn’t exactly funny, but the moral of the story is: speak to each other.

If you talk to the animals they will talk with you
and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them
you will not know them, and what you do not know
you will fear. What one fears one destroys. Chief Dan George

I now have two cats either side of me. We make a good team.

Right, well my funny bone isn’t feeling funny right now, I am starting to feel that pmdd numbness. Soon it will stop.

On Thursday our online book club is having a launch party for Lizzie Chantree, her new book Shh…its our secret is out then. If you enjoy chick lit give it a read. It’s really good.

Now I will love and leave you. Love, F x