Just got off the phone to my friend, sister like buddy Snoopy B.

My lovely Champus Fran has also popped up on my phone screen to say hello and I have spoken to my mommy type figure.

I woke up feeling well rested and ready for life. Unusual for this time in my cycle. Normally, I would be struggling a fair bit. Thank goodness for small but ever so massive mercies.

I decided to pop into town to see my young pal BathBombsByJade. On the way I got such an energy surge, I felt like jogging. Now, really? Yeah!! Me? Jog?? No, thanks. Not since my army days. Jogging and running has only ever been part of my army training. However,  the hunger for the run and endorphins was real. Had I had decent running shoes and the right kit on, I would have been off and away. I am going to bank it for another time. I hope my plantar fasciitis will tolerate it in future. Just another thing to add to a daily choice of activities.

Its almost time to make lunch. It’s chicken with something, that I know. 🙂 I will work it out on the way.

Since I do not eat chicken, the rest makes no difference. Then what of today? I have a pile high to the sky of books I must read and review for netgally. Thats something to do. Mmh. Taking my mind to a far away place where time has no relevance. A book can take me anywhere. It is tricky to read during the pmdd cloud though. One page at a time, that’s my main aim. A good one too. To begin you have to start somewhere.

I saw my friend Rob earlier. We walked together for a brief moment as we do when we see each other. Rob is older and wiser than I am.

He then went off to join a zoom Sunday service and I went home.

Good people. Who accept you, those are who matter.

My son has come to tell me it’s time to cook.

He has Autism, timing is everything. Off I shall go, I might come back and edit this past before the day is out. Still got some life to live and stories to tell. Much love, F x