Author Jaimie Admans and the gorgeous book cover
I am thrilled to have been approved to read this ARC on #netgalley, I just love Jaimie Adman books, and this book here is awesome, I found myself laughing and wondering how Kayleigh would pull off the job of Beekeeper and found myself rooting for her and her mysterious pal Carey as they navigate an order of 500 jars of honey in an old run down mansion that suggests Beauty and the Beast meets IT. Magical, Whimsical and Mystical as well as creepy, scary and bone chilling, with all its shapes and shadows and funky noises. Its overgrown garden also lends itself to the imagination, creepy crawlies meet faeries. I once studied for a certificate in Fairyology. I definitely felt the Dear Jessie vibe of the outdoors, at times I felt Cherish by Madonna could have been part of the stories soundtrack too. By the end of the book I can assure you, you will be wanting to meet your own Carey, dance around in a little Bee outfit and spend many hours enjoying wild swimming and nature parks. 
Jane Austin fans will certainly get their fix as some of her books are beautifully woven into the story, The only thing that was missing was the bumble bee from the music video No Rain by Blind Melon.
What of this old house then? Can it be saved? What story does it have to tell, which secrets lie beneath the dust and as for those beautiful and very clever bees. I absolutely loved learning little tips about them during the story.
Thank you Jaimie for another amazing book.
The No Rain Music Video by Blind Melon
You can purchase the book here: The Beekeeper at Elderflower Grove: A gorgeously uplifting romance and feel-good summer read for 2022!