Author Jules Wake/ Julie Caplin

My word what a beautiful, funny and feel good book, which centres around aimless Ettie, and her bosses Dominic and Gracie and of course the Wednesday Morning Wild Swim Club.  

Ettie returns home to her mums after her job in a second hand fashion shop in London literally explodes.  

Her sister, mum, granddad and niece all live together in a very quirky dynamic.  

One thing granddad and Ettie have most in common is swimming.  

Former Naval Officer Dominic is very much against swimming and swimming in his lake, but an otherwise stern but fun and fair man. Gracie is Dominics business partner and wife of his former comrade.  

Ettie applies for an assistants job at the hotel that Dom and Gracie are planning on creating.  

I loved their adventure and growth so much and the swimming group are adorable, swimming is good for the health and mental health, we discover what it all means to everyone over the course of the book.  

We have love, family, loss, divide, weddings and good food, in particular fish / fishfingers and chips, but most of all we have friendship and respect that builds along with the groups community spirit.  

I absolutely recommend this book, as I would any other Jules Wake / Julie Caplin books.  
Oh and my mum had funny swim caps like that.

You can purchase the kindle version here :The Wednesday Morning Wild Swim: The most uplifting, feel good novel of 2022 from the bestselling author (Yorkshire Escape, Book 2)

When the book reached number 60 the day after release x