Author Samantha Tonge
Thank you #Netgalley & Boldwood for letting me read this ARC and also thank you for allowing me to be part of the Blogtour. 

Wow, I wasn't entirely sure what to expect as Samantha is a new author to me, but boy what an incredible journey she took me on, not just as a reader but as a daughter, mother and human who hasn't had the best relationship with her own mother.

Robins story certainly touched some very vulnerable spots in me, but also made me reach out to my older brother to talk about our memories.

Robin ends up being convinced to go back to her childhood home to support and care for her elderly mother Faye whose body is healing. Since she has no job and nothing else lined up.

There certainly isnt any love lost between them. Robin ran away to London at 16, shortly after her father died and hadn't spoken to her mother since. She has a daughter called Amber with whom she also has a very strained relationship from over mothering and the girl is also very cross with her mother for her own reasons.

The her old room is very much like it was when she ran away 30 years ago, she finds her old teenage wardrobe and her magazines and remembers the Dear Debbie letters she used to write when she couldn't talk to her own mother, another thing she finds is an old scroll her father used to make, this one still being sealed, would they open it to solve the riddles and clues?

Amber ends up staying with them all, due to an issue at University.
What does this mean for the 3 woman? Will they find their way back to each other? Form new bonds and create relationships worth holding on to? Or will they remain at odds with each other? Is there such a thing as the right time for everything?

I personally believe that forgiveness sets you free and is the most incredible emotional release a human being can experience.

You will no doubt laugh, cry, think about and bond with these ladies and their back stories. The absolute star of the book is Hoover the dog. If his ways don't make you laugh and feel all fuzzy inside, nothing will, I say that and I am a cat person.

You can purchase Under One Roof here: Under One Roof: An uplifting and heartwarming read from Samantha Tonge for 2022