This book is extra special as a very special lady called Grace Power features as the main character. What is even more special is that the real life Grace Power is a super amazing lady who features strongly in the online book community, the use of her name is well deserved and a huge compliment to her and those of us who know her.

As you can see, Grace would fit perfectly in a castle 🏰

Now, onto the book. I was gifted the kindle version by a kind soul, but with a TBR pile as long as the Nile, and other bookish commitments looming ( blog tour for Lisa Hobman) I got hold of the audible so I could listen to the story whilst doing other things.

The narrator reminds me of the wonderful Karen Cass, I will definitely be looking into more audibles by Eilidh Beaton.

Christie Barlow is a new author to me and apart from using Grace’s name, she also mentions a few of my online pals in her acknowledgements, including Meena Kumari.

The story is well paced and starts on a sad and traumatic note where Grace finds herself as the new owner of the rundown Heartcroft Castle after escaping a toxic relationship without a penny to her name. One of the first people we meet on the path of her new life is Andrew who lives in the Servants Quarters. She is often mistaken for one of the help. Andrew is a celebrity chef and very dashing.

We also meet some fun filled friends from her youth whom she hadn’t seen in over 10 years since she had left.

Hector her grandfather’s best friend and gardener calls her lady Grace and is good to and for her and her 3 boys Freddie, Joey and Billie.

There are many twists and turns, some funny moments, yes, wait til you come across the water filled wellies and two grown ups playing around in one of the fountains.

I really enjoyed this well written and smile inducing book and absolutely recommend it to anyone who loves a good heart warming story of love, deceit, friendships, determination and honesty.