Such a funny, pull at the heartstrings and well written book. 

Its set in a Covid19 era.
3 older women, who live in the same building end up on a road trip, due to a twist in events, Vivienne Goldman the Actress. Gwen Prichard an Opera singer and Mary.
Vincente Lorenzo is their landlord and proud owner of a campervan called Venus. He also has an amazing crush on one of the ladies.
The ladies end up in Larkhill, at Stonehenge. Chesil Beach. Singing and dancing in the rain.
At one point one of the ladies gets stuck in th loo.

Honestly, it's so good. If you need a pick me up and a laugh. Look no further.

Thanks #Netgalley

The Golden Girls' Getaway: The perfect feel-good, funny read from USA Today bestseller Judy Leigh for 2021