Author and terrific person Jenni Keer

I feel I am slightly late to the Praise Party, what an incredible book. 👏

We meet the most obnoxious, selfish 24 year old Molly, the world owes her a living for just being alive. Spoilt and overindulged to the core by her stepfather Brian and her mother, humoured by her best friend Izzy. Even her now Ex Rupert spent their entire relationship spoiling her, and then it happens, he dumps her. With nowhere to go and nowhere to stay, a dead-end job which is an insult to her degree.

She ends up at Hawthorn Place, staying with her beloved granddad, who is grieving heavily for her grandma Briggie. Here she is stuck with no WiFi, no money and no one to do anything for her, here she learns a lesson or two about herself and how she behaves and day by day her attitude and life transforms, she evens teaches herself to cook and clean thanks to a part time job she acquires underhandededly with gentle but troubled giant Rory. Her romantic life is spiced up by the handsome Harrison.

We flip between the Present Day and the late 1800s where we meet bachelor Percy Gladwell the architect behind Hawthorn Place, Mrs Marston and her husband Edward. A forbidden love ensues, but does it conquer all, how could it bridge 200 miles and a filandering, possessive husband?

Step inside this magical, inspirational book to find out. 100% a 5☆ read. Can’t wait to read more.

Thanks to Heidi Swain and Sue Baker for introducing me to this wonderful author.

You can find the book here: The Secrets of Hawthorn Place: A heartfelt and charming dual-time story of the power of love