I was recommended this book 2 days before release via #netgally and read it with ease and interest.
The story of Fiona, Bethany and young Evie is endearing. I could identify with both women on different levels and the mum issues that both have are also something my life has been laced with.
The other neighbours with their funny nicknames who eventually make their way into Fiona’s life after opening her door to Bethany and Evie are the kind of people you might find in your neighbourhood if you opened your eyes, heart and mind to them.
Anxiety can be incredibly debilitating, here we see how through the touch of friendship, things can change in an instant. With love and understanding anything is possible.
Let me tell you, as a single mum I have hosted a few in out parties and they are so important when you can’t go anywhere.
We all need human interaction, even if we don’t think we do.
I fully hope you read this book, a truly inspirational love story. Love conquers all.